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M   A   K   I   N   G         I   T         E   A   S   Y         F   O   R         Y   O   U

FREQUENT TRAVELER DISCOUNTS For each COOPERSMITH'S tour you take, you'll be entitled to a discount of $50 towards your next tour, assuming you book directly through our office. Frequent Traveler discounts never get used up: the more times you travel with us, the larger your discount becomes, up to a maximum of $500 per person.*

BOOK BACK-TO-BACK TOURS AND SAVE As more and more of our clients are taking back-to-back COOPERSMITHıS tours, we now offer a discount of $100 on each tour when two or more consecutive tours are booked. This is in addition to Frequent Traveler discounts.*

AIRLINE RESERVATIONS Unlike most tour companies, we do not require our clients to leave from a particular U.S. airport, nor do we penalize them for making their own airline reservations. We do have an excellent in-house travel agent who can help, if needed.

ALL TOURS ARE OPEN ENDED All COOPERSMITH'S tours begin and end in the country in which they take place. You are free to spend extra time before and/or after your tour in the country being visited, or elsewhere. If you like, we can help arrange extensions before and/or after your tour.

TALK WITH COOPERSMITH'S CLIENTS If you are thinking of traveling with us, and would like to talk to or exchange e-mails with people who have been on our tours, we will be happy to provide names and contact information (with their permission, of course).

JOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST FOR SPECIAL OFFERS Occasionally, when we get a cancellation or otherwise need to fill one or more places on a particular tour, we offer last-minute savings of anywhere from $100-$1,000 via e-mails to our client list. If you are not already on our list, or have recently changed e-mail addresses, please let us know your correct online address.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE Further information about our tours, including special offers on selected itineraries throughout the year, may be found at www.coopersmiths.com

*Maximum discount per person, per tour (except for last-minute savings and special offers): $600. To qualify for discounts, tours must be booked directly through our office.